Oman Based projects bag 3 awards in the GCC

The Sultanate of Oman has won 3 awards at the 2016 MEED Quality Awards for Projects and thereby emerging as one of the big winners of the night. These awards ackowledge the creative, convenient and polished ideas that are being implemented in the projects devised for the country's welfare.

Oman Based projects bag 3 awards in the GCC

Oman-based projects were among the big winners at the recently held event of 2016 MEED Quality Awards for Projects, in association with Mashreq.

Oman won three awards, along with the UAE, second best in the GCC to Saudi Arabia’s five-trophy haul. Bahrain and Qatar took home two awards each, while Kuwait had one winner at this year’s edition of the annual awards programme, the only one to recognise completed projects in the region.

Oman continued its winning ways in this year’s edition of the awards, scooping the GCC Power & Water Project of the Year with the Public Authority for Electricity &Water (PAEW)’s Construction of Emergency Water Storage Reservoirs Project (nominated by Al Hassan Engineering).

To safeguard the interest of residents of Muscat from experiencing water shortages, PAEW commissioned a project to guarantee the supply of water for at least seven days. The water storage reservoirs are expected to meet forecast demand up to 2035.

After the facilities at the Al Qurumsite were handed over, residents were able to obtain their required water supply without additional pumping. Moreover, PAEW now maintains seven days’ water stock to cater for any emergency situation

Muscat Municipality’s Design & Construction of Underpasses & Flyovers Darsait-Al Wadi Al Kabir Road Project (nominated by Larsen & Toubro-Oman) won the GCC Road &Bridge Project of the Year.

The project included the construction of flyovers and a subway, and the development of all junctions along the carriageway, and is helping to relieve the heavy traffic congestion in the area. One challenge that had to be overcome was the legacy of utilities dating back several decades. The project successfully relocated decades-old live, crisscrossing service networks along 133 kilometres by coordinating with more than 10 independent authorities. It also successfully diverted and managed the huge volumes of traffic by maintaining the same lane configuration and undertaking more than 725 small and big diversions without notable inconvenience to traffic or any major safety hazard. Safety is an important consideration when measuring projects of this kind, and by clocking almost 7 million safe man-hours, the project team has raised the benchmark for completing such urban projects.

The final winner from Oman was Al Taher Group Company’s Oman Avenues Mall Extension to Lulu Hypermarket in Bausher- Stage 2 Project (nominated by SAM Engineering) which received the GCC Retail Project of the Year award.

Inaugurated in May 2015, Oman Avenues Mall has an estimated80,000 square metres of leasable area spread across five storeys, along with space to park about 3,400 vehicles. Some of the distinctive features of the mall include various sections dedicated to different types of brands and categories, as well as entertainment facilities.

The Sultanate’s largest indoor family entertainment centre will open at the mall this year. Oman Avenues Mall is the first mall in the sultanate to have extensive facilities for party halls and a convention centre. It also houses one of the country’s largest health clubs.

Well, Oman is surely showing signs of how much of effort and input has been contributed in their projects by not only making them only beneficial for the people but also, giving a sense of encouragement to the people involved behind these projects which have supported and executed the ideas with a lot of creativity and finesse at the same time.