Pakistan’s "Solar Kids” get their night back

Pakistani doctors claim to have cracked the strange case of brothers who were rising and setting with the sun

Pakistan’s "Solar Kids” get their night back

Shoaib Ahmed and Abdul Rashid can be like any other children now…..

The Pakistani children have reclaimed the night, Dunya TV said in a report on Saturday.

The strange case of the duo had foxed medical fraternity in Pakistan and elsewhere.

The children's father, Mohammad Hashim, who works as a guard at Quetta’s IT university is overjoyed to see his sons active, even after sunset, a Dunya TV report says. This is something Hashim has not witnessed for years.

The Lahore based TV station posted a photograph of Shoaib and Rasheed taking a selfie from their hospital bed at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) on their website.

Even though the accompanying news report quotes PIMS Vice Chancellor Dr. Javed Akram as saying, the two were behaving and playing like normal children, it does not give any details of the diagnosis or the treatment given to ‘solar kids’.

The children, aged 9 and 13 are full of energy, when they  wake up at 4 am. They go to seminary like other children in the village… cricket, sometimes help in tending the goats and sheep reared by the family. But they used to feel listless as the sun makes its journey westwards. At dusk they are in bed, in a vegetative state.


The minors were guided more by time than by sun light, Hashim was quoted as saying by the Karachi based Dawn newspaper in an earlier report.

“In the case of thick clouds or rain, their routine doesn’t change. Often,whether the sun is visible or not, they start shutting down in the evening,” the distressed father had told Dawn.

The brothers live in Mian Kundi, a small village, some 15 kms from Quetta, the capital of Pakistan’s insurgency hit Balochistan province. They are completely different from their other three siblings.

Doctors at PIMS had shared their blood samples and other diagnostic reports with international collaborators, including Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins Medical Institute in the US. But the studies had not thrown up anything conclusive.

Researchers had even tested the water and soil of the village to find if there is anything unusual in the environment that has contributed to their peculiar state.

Photo & Video Courtesy : The Dawn