Pakistan's Taxila Museum to have new exhibits

Pakistan has belatedly woken up to its rich non-Islamic past. It is now actively reviving and promoting the 'Gandhara Trail'


Officials of the Pakistani Punjab Archaeology Department and Museums are busy putting together a new gallery at the Taxila museuem. Employees are in the process of installing showcases and antiques in the gallery built adjacent to the museum, some 30 kms from capital Islamabad.

18 showcases had been installed in the new gallery where around 400 antiques would be put on display, Mohammad Nasir Khan, Curator of Taxila Museum told Dawn.

Stucco and stone antiques would be displayed, while in other show cases Buddha heads, Buddha life stories and metal objects especially of bronze would be put on display, Khan said.

The selected artifacts were discovered from various Buddhist sites located in Taxila including Julian, Jinna Wali Dehri, Mohra Maradu, Bhir Mound, Sirkap and Badalpur, Khan told the Karachi based news daily.

Some of the antiques confiscated by customs while being smuggled out of Pakistan will be on display.
These new exhibits would be the first major addition to the Taxila Museum since 1928.

In December last year, excavations at Taxila had found coins and keys of the Kushan dynasty of the third centrury.

Considered by many as an earliest university, Taxila is a UNESCO wold heritage site now.


The ancient city was at the pivotal centre of Central and South Asia, until it was over run by the Hunas in the 5th century.

Pakistan has belatedly woken up to its rich non Islamic past. It is now actively reviving and promoting the 'Gandhara Trail.'

In April, a 40 member Buddhist delegation lead by Speaker of Sri Lankan parliament had visited Taxila and other historic sites.