AgustaWestland won't be another Bofors: Parrikar lashes out Congress

Those who involved in the Bofors deal could not brought to book, but AgustaWestland won't be like that said defence minister Manohar Parrikar in the Parliament.

AgustaWestland won

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar came up with an aggressive counter in Lok Sabha to the Congress Party in AgustaWestland Chopper deal scandal, where dumbfounded Congress men staged a walk out. In a direct attack on the Congress for favouring the Italian company, Parrikar ensured a speedy investigation into the issue. Terming the Contract termination as a forced action and not a proactive step, he said that Gautam Kaitan and  SP Tyagi are small in the list and big fishes are still in the sea. ' Bofors couldn't be proved, but AgustaWestland won't be  like that' minister said

He also answered to the allegation levelled by the Congress party citing the inclusion of AgustaWestland in Make in India of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

All defence products from China are banned. Does that stop me from buying their smartphones? No. So if a company is making civilian helicopters, then as Defence Minister I cannot stop it from selling to India or participating in Make in India,” he said.

He also vehemently criticized the then Congress leaders for compromising with  life and security of VVIPs for making money.

“In July 2014, at the Airport Office 2, where all records are placed, a mysterious fire destroyed all files.  However, the purpose of the fire was obviously not solved, because three files were locked inside a drawer and were saved from the fire,” he said.

He also said that he is courageous enough to make the names involved in the case public and will do that going by the parliament practices.

"The Agusta scam could have been stopped in 2012," he added.

However, in a failed attempt to counter the allegations, Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia said that Sonia is a Sherni( lioness) and not involved in any bribery practices. The congress party , staging a walkout said that they need an investigation monitored by the Supreme Court in the scandal.