Security lax in Pathankot IAF: Parliament panel slams centre

The Parliamentary Standing Commitee on Home Affairs chaired by Congress MP from Rajya Sabha P Bhattacharya slammed centre for security lax in Pathankot.

New Delhi: The Parliamentary panel, investigating the terror attack in Pathankot airbase said that the Indian Air Force base there is still lacking good security and steps needed to be taken to strengthen its security.”Even today, there are very unsafe conditions at Pathankot airbase.”,says the report.

Standing Committee on Home Affairs chaired by Congress MP from Rajya Sabha P. Bhattacharya slammed center for the security lax in Pathakot. ”If the Government of India was serious and intelligence agencies functioned properly, the picture would’ve been different,” Pradip Bhattacharya said.

On January 2, six terrorists who had infiltrated through the border entered  Pathankot airbase and opened fire. In an operation  seven military personnel were killed.The panel pointed out that the terrorists were able to sneak in despite fencing, floodlights and patrolling by Border Security Force personnel along the border.

The security at the airbase was also described as a weak link by the MPs’ panel. “The airbase security was not so robust and it had poorly-guarded perimeter wall. There was no patrolling around the base,” the report said.


The role of the Punjab police is described  in the report as “very questionable and suspicious” in connection with the officer whose car was hijacked by the terrorists. “Even after their SP was abducted they took so long to arrive at a conclusion that the abduction was not a simple crime but it had serious security repercussions,” the the report said . The report backed government stand that terrorists belonging to JeM had Islamabad’s support

In the 31-member panel, the BJP has 13 members, Congress-04, BJD-02, Trinamool Congress-02, AIADMK-03, CPI-M, CPI, SP, TRS, TDP, Shiromani Akali Dal and Shiv Sena one each. NDA members have majority in the panel.