PM Modi gets it terribly wrong in Kerala, Social media trolling him

Political opponents have made prime minister Narendra Modi's statement comparing Kerala with Somalia, a poll issue

PM  Modi gets it terribly wrong in Kerala, Social media trolling him

North or South, the party with a difference seems to be perfecting the art of committing blunders at crucial point.

Last year when campaign to the Bihar assembly election was in full swing,  it was RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat who made the anti- reservation statement and put the BJP on  the defensive.

Now in Kerala, it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi who seems to have terribly misread the mood of electorate and ended up in what opponents allege as an insult to all Malayalees. This he could did by comparing Kerala, a state which has a clear lead over other more 'developed' states in many of the human development indices, with famine hit and lawless Somalia.

The Prime Minister in his dire attempt to project Gujarat as the model for other states to follow, has not only  shown the audacity to compare Kerala with chaotic Somalia but also suggested Kerala should follow Gujarat if it wants development.

This call comes at a time when more and more studies have come out showing the skewed nature of the Gujarat model.  By glossing over his home state, Modi was unable to bring to the fore the actual developmental crisis that Kerala is facing.

Modi's statement comparing Kerala with Somalia, has drawn sharp reactions from predictable quarters. First out with the daggers were the political leaders.

Chief minister Oommen Chandy and Left leaders have made the remarks as a deliberate attempt to insult Malayalees.

Social media is abuzz with comments against Modi. Trolls are having a field day. LDF sympathisers have created the hashtag #pomonemodi (gobabymodi) and # getlostmodi to make this an election issue.

If the social mediascape  is anything to go by, the local BJP leadership have a thing or two to panic. And panic they did.  Kerala BJP chief  Kummanam Rajasekharan, had a difficult time trying to interpret what Modi actuall meant in his now infamous "Somalia" speech.

Kummanam tried to put up a brave face when he told the media that prime minister was referring to the conditions of tribals in northern part of the state when he made this comparison. But this half baked explanation failed to find any takers or undo the damage already done.

BJP after having an alliance with SNDP yogam led Bharat Dharma Jana Sena, is  making all out efforts to break the jinx and win some seats in next week's assembly election. Reports say  that the NDA has been able to make the contest tri-cornered at least in some constituencies.

Narendra Modi has addressed several public meetings in Kerala. Several of his cabinet colleagues are also camping in the state to ensure party candidates victory in at least some constituencies.  Social media is also discussing threadbare the lame response BJP national president Amit Shah got in various public meetings in the state.