Qfeed: Why hasn't "The Voice" produced a star yet?

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Qfeed: Why hasn

Today, "The Voice" is seen as the premiere singing competition, its fan support possibly surpassing that from "American Idol" and "The X Factor." The concept and novelty of "The Voice" and its format is simply appealing. It is unique, and seems to give a fair shot to each of its contestants by the "blind audition." The coaches on "The Voice" probably surpass the judges on "American Idol" and "The X Factor." In fact, the coaches are even competing with each other who will produce the season's winner. The coaches are singers, compared to the judges of the other shows, and the coaches' popularity soared even further because of "The Voice."

Another unique factor is that there is no separate "results show" to see which contestants got eliminated. Contestants get eliminated right there after the competition portion of the show.

The one aspect where "The Voice" proves inferior to "American Idol" and "The X Factor" is that the show has not produced any stars. "American Idol" has produced Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, and some weren't even winners (Jennifer Hudson). Same as "The X Factor." Leona Lewis was a previous winner; Ella Henderson wasn't. Both are pretty successful today, if you ask me.

What's up with "The Voice" not producing any stars, winners or not? Cassadee Pope and Jordan Pruitt were already well-known before "The Voice." It can be argued those artists had careers already taken off, plateaued a bit, and used "The Voice" to revitalize their careers. But what's up with "The Voice" not producing new well-known stars?

Is it necessarily a bad thing that "The Voice" hasn't produced a star? Because as the name suggests, "American Idol" is to produce the next commercial star while "The Voice" prioritizes good vocalists over people who could be commercially successful. If so, can "The Voice" produce good vocalists who can also be commercially successful? And could "American Idol" to the same thing?

One reason is the celebrity judges and mentors, and their interactions with each other eclipse the singing competition. People watch for the judges. The media only talks about what the judges do on the show. Even today, the Blake/Gwen romance is the most popular topic from the show. Few people even know the names of the contestants and the producers do a terrible job showcasing them.

Another reason is the genre had run its course by the time The Voice premiered in 2011. American Idol had been on the air since 2002 and America's Got Talent had been on the air since 2006. The market was saturated.

Probably the biggest reason is because contestants on The Voice don't have the star quality those on American Idol and, arguably, AGT had. Randy Jackson made that point a few years back. He said The Voice was for 'Second Chance People.' Many contestants and a few of the winners on The Voice had been given opportunities to succeed in the industry before, but they didn't make it. There's something the contestants themselves are missing

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