Sakshi Maharaj allegedly asked a girl to undress in public

The girl was reportedly made to unbutton her jeans to "show the MP the injuries"

Sakshi Maharaj allegedly asked a girl to undress in public

BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj asks a woman to disrobe in public to allegedly check on her injuries. Even if the woman suffered injuries as alleged, why would the MP take the matter in his hands? Why didn't he contact the appropriate authorities to handle the issue without violating the privacy of the woman?

The MP from Unnao was there after a police raid in the home, in which they used force and some family members including the girl were injured.

This is really atrocious that , the girl was forced to unbutton infront of this so called Sakshi Maharaj and other followers were there watching this out with out any hesitation.

Maharaj was in controversy over his remarks on JNU row as “Everybody should condemn the anti-national activities inside the JNU campus. Raising anti-India slogans and working in alliance with anti-India forces are activities that can never be tolerated. These people are traitors.

NewsX showed this video by alleging that this notorious leader was showing his power towards the girl and the same time NewsX not claiming that the video is authentic.

Any ways there are people who call this as 'sansar and adarsh'

And somebody gone to another level by connection this with Nirvana

And some sensible souls also

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