Save yourself! Bad news for people who illegally download TV shows, specially GOT

Game over?

Save yourself! Bad news for people who illegally download TV shows, specially GOT

Okay, we all do that crime with pleasure. We have no guilty feeling about it. But folks, something gonna prevent you for doing all that from now on. They don't like the way you deal stuff. They maybe getting negative vibes while you watching if for almost free.

If you get your Game of Thrones fix through online streaming sites, you're about to be very. VERY unhappy...

so you all know that streaming online is a big no-no, but you do it anyway because how else are you going to stay up-to-date on your favourite show? Or save yourself from having every Game of Thrones spoiler spoiled by the net because you haven't seen it.

Yes, we are talking about Putlocker. They gonna a block that forever! You can ask the question that, how could they do that? but the fact is simple! they don't need your permission.

In a latest law making about internet world, a UK court called out all to block to block multiple streaming sites after complaints from the Motion Picture Association of America.

So now the rule started from UK, then to US; still there is no clue that when will this effect on Australia and then to other countries as well.

Normally the scene is very clear about this downloading thing. It depends on where you are streaming it from. Each of the major American TV networks has their own streaming services off their web sites. That is legal. Hulu, too, is legal. Cable channels like HBO have their own legal streaming services. But beyond that, it's pretty much going to be illegal to stream a video.

Downloading is almost always illegal. Legit services like network web sites do not allow downloading, only streaming. Later, when Blu-rays are released, digital copies are often released either online to download or included with the Blu-ray. That is legal. Other than that, if there's an opportunity to download a TV show or movie, 99% of the time it is illegal.

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