Sparkling red hot Britney Spears stole the thunder at Billboard music awards

''With love, you should go ahead and take the risk of getting hurt... because love is an amazing feeling.!'' More love to Britney! Ummaah :)

Sparkling red hot  Britney Spears stole the thunder at Billboard music awards

It was almost immediately apparent why the star was being awarded the night's biggest honour, the Millennium Award, as she gave fans exactly what they asked for and more.

As she stepped out onto the stage as the night's first live performance, initially the superstar looked a little nervous.

She eschewed her earliest hits—like “Oops!… I Did It Again” and “…Baby One More Time”—in favor of somewhat later work. The centerpiece of the set was a bawdy rendition of “I’m A Slave 4 You,” which she released in 2001.

Live awards shows have always been a bit of a risky proposition for Spears since her disastrous 2007 VMAs appearance, but she was at the top of her game Sunday. It looks like some of the props, choreography, and dancers were brought down the street from Spears’ Piece of Me show at Planet Hollywood, which helps explain impressive sets like the giant guitar for “I Love Rock ’n’ Roll.” So here’s a chance to a look at a piece of Piece of Me, without any danger of losing your shirt at the craps tables.

Check out what she told about her make up to #Billboard

How did you achieve the look?

I started with skin. I always want skin to look like skin. These products allow me to create coverage while letting the skin breathe and look natural. I used Tom Ford Illuminating Primer, EX1 Cosmetics Foundation Invisiwear, EX1 Cosmetics Concealer Delete, EX1 Cosmetics Invisiwear Compact Powder P300, Benefit Cosmetics The POREfressional mattifying gel, and EX1 Cosmetics Blusher in Peach.

How do you make sure the makeup will last throughout the night?

I am mindful on what I use to prepare her skin prior to makeup. I don't over-moisturize or use products with oil in them. I use a great primer as a base to help ensure the makeup stays put and I stay away from slippery, glossy textures, sticking instead to matte and long lasting formulas. An oil-free foundation is a must and so is waterproof mascara.

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