Students propose new idea for waterway city in Yas Island

How often do you see students of a University coming up with ideas which actually contribute to the face of the city or reflect a beautiful representation of the Country? The students of Sheikh Zayed University have proposed an idea for a waterway city for the Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

Students propose new idea for waterway city in Yas Island

Students hailing from Sheikh Zayed University have come up with a highly creative idea that would be a game changer by presenting the creation of a waterway city on Yas Island, with the small city made up of villages all connected by water.

This initiated as a project on which students were asked to submit ideas as part of the Yas Island Breakthrough Challenge organised by Miral and Zayed University, which aimed to have students to come up with innovative ideas that will contribute to the growth of Yas Island in becoming a major leisure, entertainment and recreational destination.

“The Waterways City will be surrounded by water and will have different villages with each village having a specific theme. The villages will all be connected with each other through waterways, with people travelling on boats to navigate through the city,” said one of the students involved the project.
It was also mentioned that the city will be a car-free city, with no vehicles allowed inside for commuting purposes.
“No cars will be used in the city because we want to have an environmentally clean city. Also with no cars, it will make the experience more enjoyable for the people in the city because it will be quieter and cleaner. The boats will also be powered by solar energy."

"The whole idea of this city is to be something unique something that doesn’t exist in Abu Dhabi or the UAE, and to allow visitors to have a very special experience,” the student added.
“The houses in the city will be based on different designs, but they will be focused on the culture of the UAE with a modern touch. We want the city to be traditional and for the people to feel like they are in the UAE. Often a lot of leisure areas are very westernised and so we wanted to ensure that this city reflected the UAE.”

The student also went ahead telling that the villages will have restaurants, a shopping mall and a sports club.

“We want to make this a destination for visitors to keep coming back to, and so we have made it suitable for all nationalities and ages — there will be something for everyone to enjoy. The sports club will allow visitors and residents to familiarise themselves with traditional Emirati sports like falcon hunting and diving. The museum which will be situated on another village will also give an insight into the UAE and its history."

“Each village will have an Emirati theme behind it and will symbolise the rich spirit of the UAE,” stated by the student.

With every possible attempt to make this country a better place, the Government is actually considering with the implementation of this idea which in turn reflects the participation of students in the development of this country which is a huge sign of belief, trust and opportunity which has been established by the Government among the youth.
We can only wait and watch for this majestic idea to take place in reality. Till then, just imagine about the beautifully unexpected face this project will turn out to be.