Summer Hair Care Tips For Damaged And Frizzy Hair

Some tips summed up by Thirumal Raj, CEO and founder of Advanced Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic, which should always be in your do-to list, for a shinny beautiful hair for the summer.
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Is your hair frizzy, dull and not to mention grimy too? Yes? Don’t worry, these¬†hair care tips are a perfect solution for damaged and frizzy hair. To beat the damage caused by the stifling heat, dust and humidity, all you need to do is get some extra dose of nourishment!

As summer temperature soars, here are some of the tips summed up by Thirumal Raj, CEO and founder of Advanced Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic which should always be in your do-to list.

1. Proper diet and water intake
Consuming healthy foods such as green leafy vegetables, salads and fresh fruits are essential to promote hair growth in the summer. Dehydration is a common problem in this season and to avoid this increase your water intake. This will enhance your hair growth and will help to get rid of dry scalp.

2. Regular hair wash to get rid of stubborn hair problem
Sweat tend to accumulate on the scalp, which results in hair fall. Frequent hair wash with a mild shampoo will stop from the stubborn hair problem of dandruff, splitting and drying out.

3. Deep conditioning to de-frizz your hair
Conditioning is a compulsion to de-frizz your hair from scorching heat. Oiling voluminous your hair giving you a good look and revitalize dull and dry strands of hair. You can also rinse your hair with diluted apple cider or apply some Shea butter on the strands for a lustrous post-wash look and for conditioning purpose.

4. Use scarf as a heat shield
Too much exposure to sun tans and dehydrates your hair making it look coarse and lifeless. To protect tresses from the blazing heat outside it is needed to cover your head with a cotton scarf. This will not only save your hair from dust, pollution and wind but will also protect hair from UV rays.

5. Trim hair for it to grow
Blistering heat and humid climate results in damage hair, to avoid this it is good to keep your hair short or trim them. Cutting tresses short means low maintenance which will keep the hair thicker, too. Further it looks good with anything.

Now that you know all to take care of your tresses, have fun in this summer and say goodbye to lifeless hair!