Techie booked for rerunning this ad after 21 years

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Techie booked for rerunning this ad after 21 years

Milind soman and Madhu Sapre pleaded not guilty to charges of indecent behaviour in Oct, 2005, some 11 years later in the court room, where the magistrate of Esplande court explained the charges and recorded individual statement before he could frame all the accused including the ad agency, publishers and distributors of the two magazines who published the advert and the two models and photographers.

But after 21 years, a techie turned photographer, Anirudha Sen booked for recreating the ad style. He used live snake and recreated the same pose as Madhu sapre did. But Wildlife department was pretty serious than the photographer or maybe be the court.

The photographer used live snake on a nude model and uploaded the images on Facebook. According to the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, handling wild animals and using them for commercial purpose is prohibited. We have initiated proceedings against him," said chief wildlife warden Pradeep Vyas.

This is the first time that the Bengal Forest Department has booked a photographer for such an offence. Apart from Sen, his assistant, model Piya and the make-up artist have also been charged with the violation.

"I had no idea that there is a law prohibiting photography of animals with humans. I had been inspired by the Madhu-Milind ad and created my own. I was very young then and didn't look beyond photography to read about the violations they had been charged with. I have been questioned thrice and repeatedly told forest officials that what I have done in a mistake and not a crime. It will be sad if they continue to treat me like a petty criminal," says Anirudha Sen.

"It is my bad luck that I posted the photographs on Facebook and they were spotted by the forest department. I keep my personal life, photography and professional life separate but they are threatening to merge and throw my life out of trigger" he said.

Same time, still on position Vyas said that "A strong message needs to be sent so that people don't fool around with animals that are listed under the schedules of Wildlife Protection Act".