The Flamboyant Shruti Hassan in new GQ photoshoot

She's 30 folks!

The Flamboyant Shruti Hassan in new GQ photoshoot

The sexy bomshell Shruti Hassan is showing in her hourglass figure and getting bolder and hotter with each photo shoot.She has done some fantastic hot photo shoots in the past, but her latest photo shoot for GQ India sets the bar high up for anybody.Shruti’s explosive skin show will leave people gasping for breath.

"I was just a weird, awkward kid, “ she giggles, “and then growing up I was an awkward teenager, and then I became an awkward adult, and I just realized that I am awkward as a person. I’ve had crippling confidence issues, or image issues, so many things. And now I’ve just come to a point where beyond a point I generally don’t give a crap about things I can’t change. There is a kind of peace. I guess it’s taken me longer than most human beings to get to a place where I’m absolutely cool with myself… I really don’t know how to play the game. I am still an outsider.”

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And one can’t deny but just  admit that she looks absolutely sexy in red.

She's a fantazy! taraa raa raa raa!

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