Thrilling story of a 22 year old girl who left high school to fight against ISIS

''They may take my life, but they will never take my pride''

Thrilling story of a 22 year old girl who left high school to fight against ISIS

Danish girl Joanna Palani, fought for 12 months in Syria against ISIS and Assad's forces. She lost her comrade on first night- a Swedish fighter - was killed by a sniper. She described the moment she found a large group of children being held for sexual abuse by ISIS terrorists after liberating a village near Mosul.

22-year-old is now back in Denmark and studying politics and philosophy. She had her passport seized on return by police under new so-called 'foreign fighter' rules intended to stop Danes from joining terror groups.

In an interview with Broadly, Palani discussed about how she left Denmark in 2014 in a “fight for human rights for all people”.

In that brutally honest interview, the now 23-year-old said killing members of the terror group was not hard, although the better trained Syrian Government forces were a little more difficult to take down.

“ISIS fighters are very easy to kill,” she said.

“ISIS fighters are very good at sacrificing their own lives, but Assad’s soldiers are very well trained and they are specialist killing machines.”

She was a fighter since childhood and valued her independent thoughts and opposed religious fundamentalism and the oppression of women. During her school days, in the summer of 2012, she went into training in Kurdish Iran, keeping her injuries hidden from classmates by evading gym class and other scenarios in which her legs and feet would be exposed. When she left for the Kurdish army, she didn’t inform her family her whereabouts until months had elapsed.

In Syria and Iraq, where she has fought, Joanna longs to see a new generation of women who are entitled to and free to express themselves in the public forum. Her mother worries about her daughter, of course, and has tried to convince her to come home, but Joanna’s tenacity and will has kept her in the line of fire. She’s seen a girl of sixteen, close to her own age, killed by fighters for the Islamic State.

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