Tom Hanks all emotional about his solitary youth

Tom Hanks, though a successful actor still gets emotional on thinking about his lonely childhood

Tom Hanks all emotional about his solitary youth

Tom Hanks, though known globally and loved by movie-lovers for his roles in Cast Away, Bridge of Spies, Splash, Big and so on, the childhood pain of being a lonely kid still lingers in the back of his head.

The 59 year old actor took up the emotions high when in a friendly conversation with Kristy Young, the compère of Desert Island Discs giving out by BBC Radio 4.

During the conversation the actor took several pauses, trying to maintain a constant tone when he briefed about the music that influenced him during his younger days. Amos, his father, had moved him and his brother to 10 different houses in just 5 years because of which he did not have a mental bond with any of the houses he lived.

Hanks describes the music,"Also Sprach Zarathustra" by Richard Strauss to be a turning point in his life. This particular piece of music helped him in the transformation of a kid who could not know what interested him to a young man who yearned to be an artist.

“I started asking do I find the vocabulary for what's rattling around in my head. Not long after I started going to the American Conservatory Theatre by myself to see plays I had no idea even existed,” said Hanks.

Emotional Hanks could not reply to the question about unspoken feelings on his past posed by Young. And replied asking,"What have you done to me?" And also explained his uncut question to be a "vocabulary of loneliness."

But assures that his loneliness came to a complete stop after he married actor Rita Wilson in 1988.

Hanks happily chose the song "Once in a Lifetime" by Talking Heads as a loving tribute to his Rita, who were destined to be together even as they were during the younger age.

Hanks provides loving gestures of love in the form of footrubs, after Wilson has a long day of work.

"I don't even have to ask for them," she said. "He always gives me back and foot rubs. He's just cool."

Hanks latest movie, A Hologram for the King, directed by Tom Tykwer is running in theatres now.