Travelling on Dubai's waterways, not a dream too far

Dubai's plans to make the city advanced, in terms of infrastructure, public convenience and development plans have always made it look a unique piece of land on the face of the earth. It has recently come to knowledge that the Dubai RTA is planning to expand the commutation on the waterways and it seems pretty fascinating as by 2020, this is going to be an everyday thing for the people who are reliable on public transport.

Travelling on Dubai

Air-conditioned abras, 77 new marine stations, the creek extension – the RTA has huge plans for Dubai’s waterways and it seems something which will change the face of public transportation forever.

In a bid to get more people commuting on the water, the RTA has just established a new marine transport station in Al Jaddaf (which is located near the Creek Metro Station and not that far from the Versace Hotel). The station will turn out to be a key link between Dubai Creek/Deira and Business Bay/Jumeirah once the Dubai Canal extension is finished with its construction.

The ferry, water bus, water taxi and traditional abra will operate from the two-storey Al Jaddaf station that has a lounge, toilets, retail stations and free parking for bicycles.

The station will be the first location on the waterway map for the brand new air-conditioned traditional abra that the RTA has also just launched. The abra has a cultural touch to it like it is marked with wooden design but also a panoramic roof, meaning it can be kept cool in the summer months because of the insulating and opaque character of wood. The boat seats will be as such that it accommodates 20 people and has been designed with two eco-friendly engines so that it produces minimal gas emissions.

The abra now runs from Al Jaddaf Station to Festival City Station (right next to the Festival Centre mall), with the trip taking only seven minutes. The fare is Dhs2, and the service runs every 10 minutes daily, from 7am until midnight (it’s every 20 minutes during off-peak hours). The RTA will soon launch an air-conditioned abra trip to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary too.

The way the RTA has put belief in this project and it taking off so well in the initial stages, surely reflects the kind of potential it holds for the daily commuters and being economic in terms of fare gives this project a heads up for evolving by the time it is 2020.