Upper House adjourned as a sitting MP from Gujarat passes away

The second part of budget Session in Lok Sabha which started on April 25 had ended two days before the expected date while Rajya Sabha is set to end soon

Upper House adjourned as a sitting MP from Gujarat passes away

As a member of Parliament from Gujarat Praveen Rashtrapal passed away, the Upper House adjourned till 11 am tomorrow. The Congress MP from Gujarat died due to heart attack. The Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari officially announced his demise in the upper house and the RS adjourned  as a mark of respect.

By this adjournment, the  Budget Session of Rajya Sabha  which was expected to be over by tomorrow, is likely to take another day, while the Lok Sabha adjourned sine die on Wednesday.

The second part of  budget Session in Lok Sabha which started on April 25 had ended two days before the expected date.

According to the sources, the session in lok Sabha was ended earlier as the final leg of campaigning in the states that are going to the polling booth intensified.

Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan appreciated all Members for cooperating with the parliament procedures without disrupting a single day in the entire session. The Lok Sabha,where the ruling BJP party have a majority, was not disrupted even for a  minute while the Upper House worked only 85 percent of its scheduled time.

"I am happy that in the recent past this is the first session in which house was not adjourned even for a single minute due to interruptions. I thank the entire house for cooperation," Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said after Lok Sabha adjourned sine die, yesterday.

There was not much debates after the passage of finance bill yesterday and the adjournment before two days of the scheduled date was also taken to discussion.

Meanwhile, the Rajya Sabha could not adjourn sine die since 58 retiring member of  the house wanted to make the farewell speech today. However, due to the death of Praveen Rashtrapal MP, the farewell speeches postponed to tomorrow.

Uttarakhand floor test, AgustaWestland chopper deal scandal, Prime Minster educational qualification row had been the main items to shake the both houses with heated discussions, allegations, and counter-allegations. While RS adjourned for many times, opposition couldn't disrupt the session in LS.

Among these issues, AgustaWestland generated a lot of heat in Rajya Sabha where BJP accused Congress President Sonia Gandhi and other top Congress leaders of taking bribes. The Congress party also came up with counter allegations against BJP for making the case a poll issue citing that Prime Minster never raised the issue in both the houses, other than slamming Congress leader in election campaigns across the nation. By the aggressive mood in the Upper House, Congress also cornered the Goods and services Bill which the ruling BJP wanted to pass for a long time. In the session, Congress proposed to appoint a  judge to settle disputes between Centre and states on GST.

According to the sources, 10 bills have been passed in LS including Regional Centre for Biotechnology Bill, the Compensatory Afforestation Fund Bill, the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and the Anti-Hijacking Bill.