Video: Abhishek Bachchan – Aishwarya Rai public fight

It happened at Sarabjit movie red carpet

So, here’s what happened – It was a star-studded red carpet evening for upcoming film ‘Sarbjit’, wherein Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Randeep Hooda play pivotal roles. It was raining filmstars at the event, and in no time, the Bachchans arrived. While Jaya and Amitabh were spotted walking ahead, Aishwarya and Abhishek along with Ash’s parents were walking a few steps behind them. After a few group photos, the media requested Aishwarya for a photo-op with her husband. The actress called Abhishek, who was walking a few steps away from�her. With a not-so-happy face, he came and posed for pictures. Photojoualists, as usual, kept shouting out instructions to them for a perfect picture. Like, for instance, “Aishwarya, please stand straight”, “OKay, one side profile please”, “Please look this side…chin up”, et al.

All actors are used to this norm. Hence, like always, photojoualists were shouting out instructions, but most of those requests were only for Aish. They kept on saying, “Aishwarya….side profile…Aishwarya…one straight picture…” While Abhishek stood silently, posing with her. Within a few seconds, he got agitated, and in a miffed state, started walking away from Aish, telling the media, “Aap inka hi photo leejiye…” While Aishwarya stood surprised, with a “Arrey…!?” expression on her face. Silently, she too folded her hands in a namastey for the camera-men, politely took their leave, and began following her husband, who, by now, had started walking rather speedily. Come on, Abhishek, it was a big day for your wife. How could you behave like a child and even embarrass her?

Via- Varitenews