Video: Can $30,000 Worth of iPhones Protect an iPhone 6s from Explosive Laser-Cutting Tape?

A new YouTube video by the tech terrorists at GizmoSlip showed out a demolitions expert to put the iPhone 6s to the explosive test.

Video: Can $30,000 Worth of iPhones Protect an iPhone 6s from Explosive Laser-Cutting Tape?

Guess you think the two iPhones in the very center will survive so you don't think the iPhones in the center will survive the two in the center not likely. let's get in here checking it out all kinds of problems different varying levels of damage like here's one that's partially cut in half here so on that is like just demolished but it's not fully it's like stem intact you know so let's see if we can find one that's not just like utterly destroyed so far.

The Explosive Laser Cutting Tape

This time they chose to destroy another Apple product with heavily explosive Laser cutting tape. This specially advanced tape can cut an inch of steel. Barnett the explosive expert from Bonetti explosives did the job with out loud sound book

Most iPhone Destruction in a Single Video

The explosive laser cutting tape will not be directly placed on the 6s lab rat. Of course, the tech terrorists will come up with a clever way to try and protect it. What better way than with $30,000 worth of iPhones. That’s right, this YouTube video may be worthy of a Guinness Book nod.

The Apple Circle of Life

The GizmoSlip team has tested smartphone durability in a variety of ways. This explosive test is sure to make Apple fans happy. The $30,000 worth of iPhones were wrapped in a hopefully life-saving 6s circle hug. Then the explosive laser cutting tape was wrapped around the phones worth the same as a Nissan Leaf electric car. Maybe the Leaf can be the next thing these tech terrorists try to explode?

With and Without Case

The YouTube 6s explosive challenge also has a case and no case feature. This was a good idea, since most YouTube and Apple fans would definitely comment on this after the test. The Ghost Face Tech crew volunteered their case to take the heat. The experiment had one phone without a case, and one with a Ghost Tech Atomic 2.0 Case.

Did The 6s Survive this YouTube Challenge?

Surprisingly, there was a fairly good size explosion. Taking back the previous comment, you YouTube bomb fans will like this after all. Unfortunately, the iPhone 6s did not survive the blast. Both the iPhone with case and without case were demolished as expected. It appears that $30,000 of phones are not explosive proof.

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