Video: Kangana Ranaut's new Reebok ad saying something special

Words of wisdom, let it be :-)

Video: Kangana Ranaut

Bloody damn serious Kangana talks about her struggles and how she overtook all with her inner spirit. Ad got a tight copy and that really delivers what she have to say to the world

This is the second part video in the campaign and the former featured Nargis Fakri and Kangana

The ad lobs tough questions at her

“what did you feel when your father didn’t support your dreams?”

Kangana: Focused

After your first movie, you didn’t get any new offers. How did you deal with that?

Kangana: I raised my game

How did you respond to media criticism regarding your ability in English?

Kangana: I let that pass

Two national awards. Where do you go from here?

Kangana: I’ll keep sweating.

This was the script of the first series and lets check out the new one