Video: Take a lesson from this guy for how to trip^ on Kabali Music


Ohh Yes, there are news that Kabali trailer is a hit in Pluto too. So its beyond time traveling methods. Any ways we have already seen spoof videos of celebrity reactions on the trailer.

Now, we are here to show, how Koricon Nala, the youtube movie reviewer tripping on the background score of Kabali.

He maybe not aware of the meaning of the lyrics, but still he talk for the beats, and how that gave him a happy ride.

The teaser of Rajinikanth-starrer Tamil gangster drama “Kabali” has garnered over 4 million in days and became a record in Indian movies

The 67 second teaser introduces viewers to Rajinikanth’s character Kabali, and he goes on to say he’s no stereotypical gangster, in a whistle-worthy dialogue.

Sporting John Lennon glasses and three-piece suit, the 65-year old is referred to as fire.

Towards the end of teaser, there’s a shot of Rajinikanth from the 1970s, where he’s seen walking out of a restaurant, flipping his hair back in the most inimitable fashion.

Rajinikanth plays an ageing don in the film, which is directed by Pa. Ranjith, and it also stars Radhika Apte, Kalaiarasan, Dinesh and Ritwika.