What are some interesting but generally unknown features of the iPhone 6?

What you just missed!

What are some interesting but generally unknown features of the iPhone 6?

Notice the bottom left corner of the screen. That's a calculator shortcut. It isn't present there normally, but was there at that time.

At the bottom of the screen, there was again a calculator shortcut with the description "Based on your current location". You will find it awesome that the iPhone could not only detect your location, but also knew about your needs.

Take Photos with Headphone

Let’s start with something simple. When taking photos, it is important to remember that despite the advanced features that come with the iPhone camera, it is still an iPhone. There are times when photos become jittery, but one way to lessen the possibility of blurry photos is to take photos by using your headphones as a shutter button. When in the camera app, simply press the center of the headphones and the photo is taken.

Boost Photos HDR

HDR stands for High-dynamic range photos. What this technology essentially does is take two photos, match both of their best qualities together, and offer up a stunning photo in about 3-5 seconds. The iPhone allows you to take these type of photos by going into the camera app, clicking “Options” at the top center, and switching on “HDR”. It’s important to remember that HDR automatically turns off when you adjust flash settings, and HDR automatically adjusts lighting, so put this into consideration as well.

Hide Native Apps

The App Store offers so many ways to make your iPhone work for you. You can find apps that make tasks simpler to do or more advanced, and as a result, native apps that come with the iPhone can become unnecessary. Leaving them out in the open can become an eyesore and takes up space.

What can be your saving grace? You may be be surprised to learn that Parental Controls can help. When iPhone restrictions are enabled, that prevents access by essentially hiding the app. You can do the same by going to Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions > Enter Your Password > Switch toggles off to enable restrictions.

Ultra-dim the display for bed time use:

The iPhone 6 comes with a brilliant and extremely bright display. Though this may seem great for direct sunlight visibility, in a low lit room, your eyes tend to hurt even at the lowest brightness setting. Dim the screen even more by going to

Settings -> General -> Accessibility-> Zoom and turn on show controller toggle and then turn on the actual zoom toggle. Now click on the controller and reduce the zoom level to the lowest setting and then choose filter -> Low light. This will dim the display even more. Enable night shift on iOS 9.3 or higher for an added effect.