What are the most misspelt words in English?

We take words also for granted some time. Irony of irony ;)

What are the most misspelt words in English?

There are umpteen words that we have been using wrong for long time

Definitely (not definately)
Sacrilegious (not sacreligious)
Indict (not indite) Indite is another word that is confused for indict, which means to accuse somebody of a crime. Indite is to write or compose.
Manoeuvre (not maneouvre)
Bureaucracy (not beaurocracy)
Broccoli (not brocolli)
Phlegm (not phleghm)
Prejudice (not predjudice)
Consensus (not conscensus)

Unnecessary (not unecessary)

Just wanted to point out that it's ironic how many of these answers seem to be coming from non-native English learners. And, yes, I used "ironic" correctly.

It's interesting this hasn't been brought up, but the misspelling that drives me insane is "to". It's "to" bad that "to" many people really don't know how "too" say when something is "to" much. This is basic, second grade English, people! Is it too much to ask that people can accurately express when something is too much and has gone too far? Man, after writing this answer the word "too" is starting to look incorrect.

Recently, the abominations "could of" and "would of" (instead of the correct "could've" = "could have" and "would've" = "would have") are becoming painfully frequent. Do anything you can to prevent this fad from spreading. Seriously, anything. Breaking some fingers is fine ;)

Check out this too

There, their
Than, then
Loose, lose
Affect, effect
Immigration, emigration

a lot – alot (must be two words)
burglar – burgler
awful – awfull, aweful
apparent – apparant, aparent
adultery – adultary

Another few examples are.

When words have same letters consecutively but they dont carry the stress they expect for two characters or vice versa.

Due to this they misspell words with rr, ss, mm. They get confused between the pronunciation and spelling of words having a and e. And those having ie and ei.

A few at the top of my head.

Occurrence (misspelt as occurrance /occurence)
Grammar (Grammer)
Receive (Recieve)
Occasion (Occassion)


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