Qfeed: What are you really watching when you are watching 'The Voice'?

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Qfeed: What are you really watching when you are watching

First, I would say The Voice has produced a few decent stars all of which are from Blake's team. They are Cassade Pope, The Swon Brother, Danielle Bradbery, and Craig Wayne Boyd. I think Craig has the potential to become the biggest thing coming out of the show. But considering they are all country music singer and the fact that country music is not as widely known as pop music, it is possible that you will not feel their stardom even if they become huge country stars.

As to "why The Voice hasn't produced a star?" Before I answer this question, I need to first ask you a question and I need you to take one minute to really think about it. My question is what are you really watching when you are watching the show?

(I hope you are thinking about it now and have come up with your answer.)

So, are you watching the undiscovered talented artists showing their amazing vocal, hoping they might get through to the next round?
I seriously doubt it.

In the Blind Audition, you are watching whether the coaches will turn around. If they turn around, what will the coaches do to get the contestant to choose him/her? And finally who will the contestants choose as his/her coach?

Before the live show, you are watching who the coaches will choose to advance and whether other coaches will steal.

And above all, you are watching the silly and hilarious bromance between Blake and Adam. Wouldn't you be cracked up by them?

Besides, when people talked about who won The Voice, most people would say Blake or Adam. No, they didn't win! Javier Colon, Jermaine Paul, Cassade Pope, Danielle Bradbery, Tessanne Chin, Josh Kaufman and Craig Wayne Boyd. These people won the show. Yet, these names were less mentioned when people talk about who win the show. People focus more on which coach win than on which contestant win.

My point is most of your attention is on the coaches. Who isn't? There are four superstars in one show!

I think eventually it's a bad thing if the show never produces any stars because people might doubt the credibility of the show in terms of discovering the voice. If you can only hear the voice in The Voice, what kind of voice is that?

Also of course The Voice can produce commercially successful vocalist. But it takes a lot. Good songs, timing, resources from the label, the singer's devotion, his/her vision, personality and even maybe luck.

At last, I just want to say American Idol didn't just produce commercial stars. American Idol first produced great vocalists. The winners became commercially successful by putting into enormous efforts.

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