Whatsapp feed : Don't believe the hoax news about Modi government's new anti-rape law

Section 233 in The Indian Penal Code 233. Making or selling instrument for counterfeiting coin.�Whoever makes or mends, or performs any part of the process of making or mending, or buys, sells or disposes of, any die or instrument, for the purpose of being used, or knowing or having reason to believe that it is intended to be used, for the purpose of counterfeiting coin, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years, and shall also be liable to fine.

Whatsapp feed : Don

Finally a new law passed by Modi government
Indian penal code 233
If a girl is suspected to be raped or gettin raped , then she has the supreme ryt to kill the man, injure his sexual part or harm that person as dangerously .. that girl wont be blamed fr murder ........
tell as many as u can .. its your power .. create awareness .... Finally

Starting by this sentence, the hoax message that appeared years before started circulating again with some edits.

The facts stated in the message is factually incorrect. Indian penal code 233 relates to making or selling of instruments for counterfeiting coins. So by just checking this law, we can come to an assumption that this is just hoax and spreading fake message to mass by misusing social media.

This hoax message started spreading almost 5 years ago and people tried to give proper reply for this from then. But just to mislead the mass mind, and manipulate them, some sick minds are still using this for their benefits. Previous year this was replaced by other government's name. So its clear that people are using this for political gain.

So be aware about it.

This FACEBOOK page reported about this long back