When this troll learnt a lesson about “Free Sex” , gets shut down for his absurd comment

An article posted on a social media page by Kavita Krishnan exposing a "dossier" by Eleven JNU teachers trying to highlight the JNU Students as a symbol of sex and alcohol seditious filled anti-national fraternity of people. It was posted on social media when a user ended up commenting "ask your mother/daughter whether she had free sex"
He surely must be in regrets after, followed by a series of mockery. If not, it's kind of sad that his mind couldn't process it.

Kavita Krishnan very intelligently and sarcastically posted an update about exposing eleven JNU teachers who consider themselves to have complied a “dossier” reflecting the JNU fraternity to be some sex and alcohol filled seditious anti-national group. It is stated that this so called “dossier” was only revealed to selectively few journalists recently.
“It’s no surprise that one of the authors of this pathetic piece of propoganda masquerading as a dossier is Hari Ram Mishra, assistant professor in the Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies.”
stated in the post exposing his involvement in this whole plot of trying to collectively impose a blind attack on the students of JNU.
One of the teachers who was involved in releasing this information has inflicted racist and discriminating hate on some teachers by calling them “anti-nationals” hailing from the Dalit and Muslim segments of the society.
These professors happen to find an ally in the Rajya Sabha MP and BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy, who had once tried shutting down Kavita Krishnan in a live TV debate, by screaming and calling her a “Naxalite who has free sex.”
This post was accompanied by some person on the internet when he commented, “ask your mother/daughter whether she had free sex”, which is evidently so absurd and ridiculous coming by someone who can’t process the fact that if it is not free sex, it is definitely rape.
People came up with the most hilarious and mocking comments to shut down this hater who has no social regard for a women and at the same time considers un-free sex better than free sex. Looks like someone needed Society 101.
The real whiplash was when Kavita’s mother joined in the thread by commenting “Hey GM Das! I am Kavita’s mother. Of course I had free sex. I should jolly well hope so!As and when I wanted, with the person I wanted. And I fight for every woman and man to have sex according to their consent. Never unfree, never unforced.” which definitely gives a strong message out to the people and won hearts all over the place.
Kavita Krishnan is Secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s Association. Kavita is also an editor of ‘Liberation’ the monthly publication of the Communist Party of India.