Why you should drink wine today

Wine is a bottled poetry!

Why you should drink wine today

Because you are a person of taste and refinement, you have chosen the perfect meal to complement the wine. Maybe duck, or rare beef, or new spring lamb. Now your meal comes, and you sip the wine, and it has started to breathe. The wine lays flavours over the meat that bring out tastes you have not noticed before. The flavours of the meat complement the wine, building up the complexity. Your dinner companion looks beautiful in the soft light. You take another bite, and another sip of wine. Conversation comes easily, you talk, you laugh. You drink a little more, the wine tastes better with each moment as it blossoms to its full potential. And everything, everything, comes together, to a moment of epiphany that this, right here and now is true contentment.

Then why drink wine? Because a fine wine my friend is beyond compare. When you take the cork from that perfect Burgundy, the fragrance of fresh strawberries fills the room. You take a sip, it hasn't breathed yet, but you can get a foretaste of the immense complexity of flavours that you will soon be enjoying.

Keeps you young
Prevents cancer
Reduces the risk of depression
Keeps your heart healthy
Protects your memory
Helps you live longer

It can improve brain function especially in older women, French researchers found that women over 50 who drank two or more glasses of wine daily were 2.5 times more likely to score in the top 10% in tests. And even people who drink up to 30 units of alcohol a week are less likely to suffer a fatal heart attack than people who don’t drink. Sensible drinking (two glasses of wine for men and one for women) can increase the chances of surviving a heart attack.

Wine has a long history of use as an early form of medication, being recommended as a safe alternative to drinking water, an antiseptic for treating wounds, a digestive aid, and as a cure for a wide range of ailments including lethargy,diarrhea and pain from child birth. Ancient Egyptian Papyri and Sumerian tablets dating back to 2200 BC detail the medicinal role of wine, making it the world's oldest documented human-made medicine. Wine continued to play a major role in medicine until the late 19th and early 20th century, when changing opinions and medical research on alcohol and alcoholism cast doubts on its role as part of a healthy lifestyle.