Will Julia Roberts friendship with George Clooney threaten wife Amal?

Gossipers are worried if Julia Roberts will actually disrupt a happy married life of Amal and Geroge Clooney.

Will Julia Roberts friendship with George Clooney threaten wife Amal?

Amal Clooney is not "threatened" by Julia Roberts friendship with her husband, George Clooney despite strong gossips from the entertainment desk and claims that the whole story is "fabricated."

Clooney and Julia are friends since long an are also pairing up together in the upcoming thriller movie, Money Monster. But OK! Magazine claims that Amal is silent about the actress.

A source revealed to the magazine that a human rights lawyer asked Clooney to “keep at least three feet between [her and Roberts] on the red carpet and at premieres” for his own good.

The source in order to add spice to the cooking gossip also added, "Amal was already so paranoid about Julia, she visited the Money Monster set several times. George actually thought they were striking up a friendship, but now he sees that Amal wanted to keep tabs on him.”

Gossip Cop, an investigator of celebrity gossips, looked into the situation and said that the story is completely fabricated.  Gossip Cop in the near past corrected OK! for its false story that Amal hated Cindy Crawford, who’s married to Clooney’s good friend and business partner Rande Gerber. Despite the column's effort at making it seem like Amal has issues with her husband’s friends circle, it’s simply not true.