World Press Freedom day: Lets have a look at 5 banned Indian movies

So the ban comes always without any screening, the agenda is just to stop the freedom of expression.


Satyajith Ray also got a cut from censor board, that too in early 70’s. He produced ‘Sikkim’ the 52-minute documentary, commissioned in 1971 by the last Chogyal (king) of Sikkim, Palden Thondup Namgyal, was banned by Censor board because the scenes were not supporting the rulers.

The film was commissioned by last Chogyal king of Sikkim and when the Himalayan Kingdom merged, Indian government also banned this. The ban lifted only 3 years ago and till then the movie was restricted in film festivals also.

Kissa Kursi Ka

The movie was about Indira Gandhi regime in the time of emergency. This political spoof really mocked the hunger for power and other parasites of political spectrum. This really give burn feeling for blind supporters of Indira and they started campaigns against the movie and by result the movie got banned.


Amu is another political plot that narrated the sikh massacre after Indira Gandhi’s assassination. Even though the film portrayed about real incidents, but the state had a different perception about it ‘feared’ that , the movie will cause harm to the communal harmony. So they banned the movie and later they lifted the ban.

Black Friday

Black Friday banned because the movie directly showed the real phase of Mumbai Blasts of 1993 and that obviously caused the pain to the system and with out showing any kind of audacity the movie got banned by the certification department. Board banned the movie almost for 3 years because of the content and later the ban lifted

Garam Hawa

A story that was about the partition scenario in India, and about muslim family. By watching or not watching the movie as usual the board forecasted a communal riot. According to reports board never asked the director about the scene and implications. Later the director started to show the movie to various political leaders and then it eventually got released.

So the ban comes always without any screening, the agenda is just to stop the freedom of expression.