World Press Freedom day : Movies that showed journalism at its best

�Whoever controls the media, controls the mind� - Jim Morrison

World Press Freedom day : Movies that showed  journalism at its best

Night crawler

Yes, Night crawler somehow managed to showcase the scenario of journalism these days. This movie talked about the crime, the investigation, the journey through a positive vibe. This movie is a thriller that reflects an image of crime journalism, Where every police siren is converted in to an opportunity to earn cash.

In this movie director giving class to assistants about editing, bloodshed scenes to make them part of a sensational news stuff. On another end to hold solid information from the cops to protect his best video freelancer. So this explains the current situation.

With all Sublime themes, moral corruption both personal and corporate and becoming over ambitious showing in an engaging fashion that keep the viewers on the edge.


Directed by Tom McCarthy (The Station Agent) is a sharp edged series of events leading to one of the heavy cover ups in the history of human : the epidemic of psychologically damaged religious people who have used, raped children for years all over the world.

Movie encapsulated the findings without creating an overly show off and drama. Tactfully pitched the true cause of journalism and shot each frame with exact intention and delivered it perfectly.

Kill the Messenger

If you people are up for a perfect story line that blow your mind with reality and entertains you...Kill The Messenger is for you. The Movie is based on life facts of how the system looked away, and in a shady way. Jeremy Renner makes a great performance and shows he has range to do different roles.

The backdrop of the plot is sharply set up through clips and newspaper articles that provides a broad context of the story you’re walking into. Protagonost's character and story takes center stage in the perfect way possible and the cast does a great job of infusing life to it. Jeremy Renner is spot on as the investigative journalist that get consumed by his article. The rest of the cast is just as believable in showing how hard it was in the mid-90s to put to light a controversial issues.