Zimbabwean Women On Death Row In China

Several Zimbabwean women have found themselves on death row in China for drug trafficking related crimes. The East Asian giant has a no nonsense approach when it comes to drug related crimes with offenders always finding themselves in deep trouble.

Zimbabwean Women On Death Row In China

According to reports, several women who are mostly Zimbabwean are said to be duped by their Nigerian male counterparts who arrange for trips to China to buy wedding gowns and include drug bags code named,"false bottom".

Zimbabwe Foreign Affairs Secretary Joey Bimha confirmed the reports that several Zimbabwe women were on death row in China. He said that his office had received reports through the embassy in China of less than 10 Zimbabwean women who were arrested in Beijing for drug trafficking and three of them on death row.

Raising a motion in the Zimbabwe National Assembly, Beatrice Nyamupinga who is Goromonzi West MP said that 0ver 1 000, Zimbabweans mostly women were trafficked to China alone, with 200 of them in jail and on death row for drug trafficking. She added that, the Nigerians who acquire Zimbabwean citizenship through marrying locals have taken advantage of the women by sending them to China to buy wedding gowns and including a bag called the false bottom loaded with drugs.

Due to its bigger population China has proven to be a source and a market for drugs attracting hundreds of  international drug dealers. Drug trafficking in China often calls for capital punishment and many illegal dealers have found themselves on death penalty.