109 bicycles confiscated by Ajman Police

Ajman police seized 109 bicycles for traffic violations.

109 bicycles confiscated by Ajman Police

109 bicycles were seized by Ajman Police which were involved in flouting traffic regulations, creating road hazards and endangering lives of road users.

Major Saif Abdullah Al Falasi, head of traffic and patrols department at Ajman Police explained that the drive was part of a two weeks long campaign.The campaign is aimed at preserving the integrity of bicyclists. The failure to not wearing proper gear exposes them to the risk of traffic accidents, which leads to injury or death, Major Saif Abdullah Al Falasi added.

The negligence to wear the recommended reflective jacket while cycling was the most common violation.

As per the statistics and reports Ajman Police reported that the first half of this year witness six traffic accidents involving bicycles; one person was badly injured, one suffered from medium injury while other four were involved in minor accidents.

Major Saif said that the campaign focuses on spreading awareness to bicycle owners about the importance of wearing the reflective jacket to avoid mishaps.

Bicycle drivers need to wear helmet, reflective jacket, ride on the right side of the road, and give hand signal during detour , the director of Traffic and Patrols Department of Ajman Police made it clear. Ajman police also advised people to walk individually and not in group and not to rush in front of cars. The police advice common man to avoid jaywalking, and jaywalking also attracts fine in many parts of U.A.E.

Ajman Police appealed motorists to take caution and stay focused on the streets, mainly on the frequently used bicycles, as well as residential areas.