250 accidents recorded on first day of Ramadan

With the beginning of Ramadan, the working hours for people have changed. People who used to leave office by 6pm-7pm, now are leaving their offices by the time it is afternoon. The existence of the thought of hurrying amongst people leads to rash driving which in turn leads to road accidents.

250 accidents recorded on first day of Ramadan

The arrival of Ramadan can surely be defined as a change in the day to day lifestyle of people hailing from different backgrounds.

Some people consider staying at their residences and carry on prayers and worship in this Holy month.
While there are people who cannot afford to implement such kind of a lifestyle and therefore have to be at their offices as a part of their professional duties.

Although, the employers/companies have made the timings convenient for people by decreasing the work hours according to the law in the country, but there has been a record stating the increment in the number of accidents with the arrival of Ramadan.

People who get off duty at a time which is around afternoon have been observed to proceed in a rush while on their way back to home, leading overcrowding of vehicles on the roads.

With the increase in traffic and at the same time being in a rush to reach home, many people indulge in the habit of driving rashly, carelessly and unnecessarily speedily which in turn leads to unfortunate road accidents which at times cost people's lives.

The count of accidents recorded on the first day of Ramadan is 250 road accidents mainly because of the factors and scenarios mentioned above.

The Police has revealed the figure of 250 accidents on the first day of Ramadan while they happened to receive 2419 calls relating to traffic issues on Monday.

Major Khazraz Majid Al Kharzaji, director of command and control room of the Dubai Police, said majority of the calls were received between 2.30pm to 7.30pm.

He has also warned the public about the threats which can effectively damage because of such practices.
The habit of leaving no spaces between the vehicles and inattentive style of driving also contribute to the increase in the number of accidents.

Major Al Kharzaji called on drivers to abide by traffic laws and to drive carefully.

Residents should exercise restraint and behave better in the Holy Month of Ramadan, he said.