60-year-old male model, proof of living his dreams

60 year old fashion model turns out to be an inspiration on how to live your dreams

60-year-old male model, proof of living his dreams

Not so old in looks, 60 year old Philippe Dumas has lived his dream of becoming a fashion model.

Few months back, the model had got on to the internet with a sequence of clicks questioning Reddit users, if he had the looks to be confident enough to pose for a camera.

Dumas 1

“Retired but not out, giving a last go to my lifelong dream of becoming a model, do I have it in me?” he added the tagline along with the pictures.

dumas 2

With a single online post, he has gained attention of few modelling and talent agencies and have already signed contracts with 6 of them. He has started his career as a model with the advert for Joop! Homme along with doing menswear fashion campaigns.

pic 3

He was working as a location and unit manager for the French film industry before his retirement.

Interviewed by Style Aria, he opened up that the younger, bubbling models can't compete with him when it comes to his beards and tattoos, which he began maintaining since he was 37.

Pic 5

“At my great surprise most of the time they compliment my look and ask for a selfie with me,” he said.

“Finally I keep thinking that getting older is not such a bad thing.”