8 safety tips to have the best grilling experience

Basic safety measures to have the best grilling experience

8 safety tips to have the best grilling experience

With the onset of summer, people dust off the grills kept away in store rooms. With summer, it is unofficially the grilling season. Grilling makes the food tastier be it vegetables, meat, burger or even desserts! The smell of freshly grilled food is mouth-watering.

However tasty the grilled food is, grilling is dangerous and almost 8,800 house fire accidents occur because of grilling. With the careless accident, you would end up in the emergency section of a hospital looking at the ceiling with the taste of BBQ and beer still lingering in the mouth.

Whether working with propane, charcoal, or even campfires, there are certain things which can be done to reduce the risk of fire as you are to cook your meal and not your house or the backyard.

  • Set up a perfect grill

Make sure you have the best of the grounds to set up your grill. The grill should be up-righted on a flat ground so that you wouldn't have to worry about your Weber-Stephen rolling into the streets. Make sure to clean the grill of any leftovers of the last summer campfire.

  •   Proper preparation for lighting the grill 

With the perfect grill set up, you need to look for any leakage, if using propane. Leakage can be detected by soaking it in soap and water. If there is any leakage, bubbles will appear. While preparing to ignite the flame, all flammable substances must be removed from near vicinity. Children or adults, whomsoever it may be, should be kept away from the grill. Try establishing a "safety zone" around the grill.

  • Put on your apron and be the grill-master

Now that the cooking station is all set, you are ready to wrap the apron tight around yourself. The only thing to remember while having fun around is, never leave your grill unattended. Though having beer with your peers, make sure to have the grill in your eyesight. Without your notice, the fire will make sure to grow till it gets your full attention. While cooking make sure not to wear any loose clothes, that would be blown by the wind towards the fire. Make sure to use grilling utensils and forks with long handles. Such measures are not just for the sake of safety, but would make you look cool and would grab enough audience towards you.

  • When handling propane

60% of the Americans own gas grills which have to be used with utmost care. While lighting the grill, make sure to keep the lid of the vessel open. The extra oxygen of the surroundings, help to light the fire faster also reducing the chances of exploding a fireball towards you. Make sure not to lean too much towards the flame while cooking. After the cooking is done, make sure to let the grill cool for a while before it is packed up for the next season.

  • If lighter fluids are used

Once the charcoal gets lighted up, keep away all sorts of flammable liquids as it may cause headache, and at times might ruin all the fun. If the flame is too low, use dry kindlings, rather than using any liquids. Liquids make flames which may go out of control and would be difficult to manage. If it is meat that you are cooking, you are sure to burn the meat, or at the least would have cooked the food tasting like that of the liquid used.

  1. When wood chunks are used

Some grilling geniuses, would prefer to use wood chunks rather than using lighter fluids or even gas. Make sure to have an electric lighter at the center of the grill with the wood around it, which would facilitate lighting faster. Once the fire is up, unplug the starter and keep it aside to cool before you store it. Make sure to keep it safely, away from people before they get burnt by it.

  • When you turn out to be the campfire chef

Sometimes out of excitement, you decide to take your grills out of doors. While you are all set to flaunt your cooking talents, remember to pack up the safety measures as well with you. See to it that you do not set up your grill below any low-hanging branches. Shoo away any curious, eager children. Remember the grilling quote, “What goes in the campfire, stays in the campfire.”

  • While cooking at campfire

Food cooked outdoors tastes better than cooked indoor, but safety measures are always to be kept in mind. Whatever you cook make sure to not sure drippy, oils. If the fats, seep into he fire, it will no doubt ruin the whole outdoor camping experience.

If you are in to impress your fellow camp mates, do not forget that 'coal cooks but flames burn'!