A gastronomic escape in Lutyens Delhi: An evening at Aura, Claridges

IF you are looking for some scrumptious food and a memorable evening out on a busy day then located in Lutyens Delhi is Aura at Claridges hotel.

A gastronomic escape in Lutyens Delhi: An evening at Aura, Claridges

Winding down the thermostat of an individual at the end of a blazing hot mid-summer June Delhi day, on the culmination of a parched week of hard work and effort, is as difficult a task as it sounds. But driving into the confines of the Claridges Hotels and Resorts located amidst the sanitised section of Lutyens Delhi seems to have worked out wonders.

Encased in the mellow environs of the Aura bar and lounge, looking out to the cobblestoned driveway giving way to a well manicured lawn with tables spread out for guests to soak in the flavours of the dusk, was more than enough to setup the mood.

Topping this glow of the Friday evening shone my glass of Rooftop Lemonade, expertly crafted and deliciously cooling the end of the hot Delhi day. While guests can choose from a host of vodka based handcrafted cocktails from the establishments latest range of choices, it was this vodka based lemonade with a strong tinge of lemon and aroma citrus subtly enclosing the spikes of alcohol aptly moulded into a chilled goblet of cocktail that bought down the tone to a well lived up day in the life of this individual.

In contrast the beats and grooves framing the environs seemed a little out of place, a little too loud for the warm setup for the evening, however, the continuous flow of delicious preparations of Fish fingers, Paneer Tikka and a slew of delicious mushroom and chicken preparations, more than made up for the shortfall.


If that doesn’t seem enough, one can lie back and retrospect about the effort and energy that goes into carving out an evening of hospitality and behind making one feel at home by the entire establishment and crew of Aura- The Vodka Bar, and one might just arrive at the realisation that their investments have been more than well utilised in the quest to frame a memorable evening out of a busy day. An evening which may be with friends, loved ones, someone very special or for that matter even within the solitary confines of oneself, one can be assured that such hospitality, care and service will manage to drive out all strains to pave way for a beautiful and memorable evening.

So, if you happen to be taking an evening stroll in India Gate, a jog in the necropolis of the Lodhi’s, shopping your pockets out in Khan Market, trying to grab a seat in the Metro (an auto-rickshaw ride is a short way from both Khan Market metro station on the Violet Line and Race Course metro station on the Yellow line) or just driving yourself towards insanity (which is very common if you happen to be driving the Delhi roads or are stuck in the Delhi jam) on your way back from work, it might be worth noting that a short stroll/drive/bicycle ride along the Lutyens maze might just bump you into an evening of hospitality, enjoyment and relaxation in the white mansion called the Claridges.