After Brexit , racism on the rise in Britain

Prime minister David Cameron has condemned the racist attack against minority after Brexit referendum

After Brexit , racism on the rise in Britain

There has been a substantial increase in the hate crimes against ethnic minorities in Britain after the country decided to leave European Union.

According to figures released by the police  there has been  57%  increase in reported incidents of racial attacks  between Thursday and Sunday compared with the same days four weeks earlier. 85 incidents  of violence were reported compared with 54 during the earlier period.

Police said this is no coincidence that this has happened after the referendum

Prime minister David Cameron has condemned the attack.

“Let’s remember these people have come here and made a wonderful contribution to our country. We will not stand for hate crime or these kinds of attacks, they must be stamped out" said prime minister in a statement.

London Mayor  Sadiq Khan has said that he has put police on high alert against racially motivated crimes.

“It’s really important we stand guard against any rise in hate crimes or abuse by those who might use last week’s referendum as cover to seek to divide us. I’ve asked our police to be extra vigilant for any rise in cases of hate crime, and I’m calling on all Londoners to pull together and rally behind this great city."  He said in a statement.

Muslim council of Britain urged the authorities to take  action against the perpetrators of violence.

The organisation has come out with a report on the recent violence against minorities.

After a spike in attack against the its citizes living in Britain, the Polish embassy has come out with a statement condemning the attacks.

“We are shocked and deeply concerned by the recent incidents of xenophobic abuse directed at the Polish community and other UK residents of migrant heritage. " Embassy said in a statement.

Brexit campaign was mainly focused on the issue of immigrants. Those who supported the Brexit argued that the main problem the British economy and society facing are from the ever increasing immigrants in the country.