Al Houthi proposal rejected by Yemen government

Iran-backed militant group to pull out of the capital in exchange for Hadi�s resignation. Proposition rejected by Yemen�s government delegation participating in the current peace conference in Kuwait.

Al Houthi proposal rejected by Yemen government

Al Mukalla: Al Houthis and their allies' proposal to withdraw from the capital in exchange for resignation of Yemeni president Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, was rejected by Yemen’s government delegation participating in the current peace conference in Kuwait.

Al Houthi militants are Iran-backed. They have also called for the formation of a unity government as a precursor to the implementation of UN Resolution 2216, which calls for their disarmament and withdrawal from occupied territory.

The government delegation foresee it as a ploy to derail the UN resolution altogether and has continuously rejected this demand.The current peace conference began in April. The peace talks aim to end the war between the internationally recognised Yemeni government of Hadi and Al Houthi militants who took over the country in a coup with the support of loyalists to oust president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The talks have been halted repeatedly due to the lack of Al Houthis’ seriousness, according to government delegation officials.

“We rejected their proposal and insist on President Hadi’s legitimacy,” the official reportedly said.

Al Houthis plan to keep their forces in strategic locations surrounding the capital although they say they will pull out of the capital, according to the official.

“This ensures they could always sweep back in and overthrow the president as they did in September 2014.”

Al Houthis also demand half the seats in the cabinet of a unity government.

“Given the current stances, the talks are unlikely to produce a united roadmap to end the conflict,” the official said.

UN Envoy Esmail Ould Shaikh Ahmad has been mediating the talks and according to him, the gaps are still very big.

Fierce fighting between government and Al Houthi forces in the Qabeta region of the southern province of Lajeh were also reported.

Government forces were able to successfully repell an Al Houthi attack on strategic mountains near Al Anad military base.

In Taiz, six civilians had been killed by Al Houthi snipers and mortar shells, Gulf News reported.

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