Alligator signs and other safety measures taken by Disney Resort

A 2 year-old boy was taken by an alligator in the Disney resorts located in Orlando, Florida. It is said that the boy was was splashing in the shallow waters of a lagoon when this alligator pranced onto the boy and locked the boy in its jaws and dragged the body in the lagoon. It was nearly after 16 hours that the body of the toddler was retrieved. After the sad incident, Disney resorts look forward to upgrade safety and precautionary measures.

Alligator signs and other safety measures taken by Disney Resort

After the unfortunate event in which a 2 year-old toddler was attacked by an alligator and was killed in the whole incident at a Disney Resort in Orlando, the Disney resort has taken up the activity of putting up safety and precautionary signs across the the area of the resort.

Signs indicating the danger of alligators will be set up across the waterways located anywhere near the Walt Disney owned Resort because of the death of the 2 year-old toddler, Lane Graves. Lane Graves was dragged into the lagoon 2 days back, which led the unfortunate death of the child. .

This measure of increasing safety and precaution in the resort is going to take place as soon as possible, according to the source.

A dive team after nearly 16 hours from the unfortunate event, found Lane Graves' body at a spot which was just 10-15 ft away from the last time the child was spotted. Lane Graves body was discovered on Wednesday. Lane Graves died of drowning and brutal injuries.

Lane Graves' family was at an outdoor movie night when Lane Graves happened to paddled in the shallow area of the Seven Seas Lagoon, aas said by authorities.

The boy's family tried to save when his father tried fighting the alligator for his son's life as the alligator had locked up the toddler in his jaws but unfortunately, the witnesses involved lost to the ferocious alligator.

The searching crews were involved rigorously in searching the toddler's body when after 16 hours, Lane Graves body was found.

There are many "NO SWIMMING" signs prohibiting swimming at different waterways but there are no signs depicting the dangers of alligators or shedding any precautions about the existence of alligators.

With the highly unfortunate death of the toddler, a community of people, a community of people including friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances etc. mourn for the loss of the Lane Graves and have offered their condolences and sympathies to the victim's family.