Amarillo SWAT kills Wal-Mart Employee who broke shot at the store

A Wal-Mart employee who was upset about missing a promotion within the company's framework got so furious and unstable that he took law in his own hands and decided to use violence to get back at the store's manager all by himself. The Wal-Mart store was located in the city of Amarillo, Texas.

Amarillo SWAT kills Wal-Mart Employee who broke shot at the store

A scene of crime happened to accelerate at this Wal-Mart store when this Wal-mart Employee who got upset over his manager due to some professional reasons and decided to go berserk by breaking out shots of guns.

According to the reports which have come in through the police investigation, it is believed that Moghaddam had entered the store which is located near I-27, Georgia around the time of 11am in the morning and had shot at least a single bullet pointed towards the ceiling. By generating fear inside the manager, he then roughly dragged the store manager to the back of the office which possibly belonged to the other employee who was also taken in as hostage.

As soon as this event took place, the Police intervened the site in short span of time with various police agencies situated throughout the area responding to the crime scene very spontaneously. Personnel from APD, Department of Public Safety, the Randall County Sheriff's Office and others blocked off the surrounding area to motorists as they secured the area.

The SWAT officers entered the Wal-Mart nearly after noon where they broke in to the scene and happened find one of the hostages uninjured near the office.

The team then circulated their way inside to the office and spotted the armed Wal-Mart employee Moghaddam and the manager who was taken as hostage by Moghaddam.

Moghaddam was fatally shot at that very spot and is believed by the officers to have died at that very instance.

Neither of the hostages that were taken into control, suffered any kind of injuries.

Officials say the two SWAT officers have been placed on administrative leave per normal protocol. Further investigation into the incident is ongoing.

For the customers who were present there already/ had entered the Wal-Mart store, had to accept this event as a harsh and frightening reality.