Amazing features of Apple iOS 9.3

What to update while you waiting for iOS 10.

Amazing features of Apple iOS 9.3

Apple released their latest iOS build 9.3. The software update brings a number of new capabilities to iDevices, though not as major as the features we hope to see when iOS 10 comes along.

 The updated software is available for free for iPhone’s, iPod’s and iPad’s and is sized at around 1.4 GB for an OTA install. Read on to know what improvements the new iOS brings.

Personalized News:

Apple introduced the dedicated News app last year in an effort to allow users to read news within one single app. The new iOS brings an advancement to the News app where the app will push news to you in accordance with your interests.

The Apple News app only features on the UK and US App Stores as it is currently supported in two countries. There have been reports where users from outside of these countries have managed to download the application by changing their location in the App Store’s settings and selecting the UK or USA as their region.

Night Shift Mode:

The new iOS features a Night Shift Mode, when activated changes the colours on your screen to those from a warmer palette. This change is brought about in light of research that proves bright lights from LCD screens hamper sleep patterns when used in the night. The Night Shift Mode employs tones of yellow and orange that are subtle and easier on the eyes in the night.

To enable Night Shift mode manually, you’’ll find a dedicated tab added on the control center panel as well as an option under ‘Display and Brightness’ in Settings.

Night Shift Mode can be activated in scheduled manner too – either with pre-set timings or from night to day. The latter employs the use of geo-locations services and determines the time of sunset for automatic activation of Night Shift Mode.


The Notes app has two small but important improvements. Instead of tediously having to scroll down and sift through every note when you’re looking for a particular one, you can now sort your notes out filtering them by date or title.

Secondly, you can now use your TouchID
to lock notes that you would like to keep private.


The update to the new iOS allows CarPlay users to make better use of Apple Maps and Apple Music. Users can now listen to a wider variety of music and discover new artists on the go with an Apple Music subscription and the Apple Maps app now also displays generic information like nearby fuel stations and supply stores.

An Apple Music subscription is free for trial for a period of three months to new users.


Apple has started support for multiple logins on iPad’s. Aimed at delivering a better teaching experience to students, the Classroom app helps teachers deliver study material as well as track their student’s progress on an iPad. Each Student will use a login id and have a customized home-screen to improve learning.