Why Amul ad aptly sums up the Tanmay Bhat snapchat comedy video controversy

The controversial Tanmay Bhat snapchat video became the topic of debates on national news channels. The comedian has been accused making 'cheap' statements about Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar, both legends and Bharat Ratnas. Now a pictographic opinion by Amul gives it a creative spin with pun intended.

Why Amul ad aptly sums up the Tanmay Bhat snapchat comedy video controversy

Comedian Tanmay Bhat has been embroiled in a major controversy for the past few days regarding a snapchat video in which he allegedly poked fun at icons like former cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and Singer Lata Mangeshkar. For his "demeaning" act, he has been facing death threats by MNS who alleged Tanmay of showing disrespect to lengendry figures like Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar.

Comedy is surely a pretty abstract and tricky form of art and every individual has a different perception on a vocal joke, visual picture, witty writings etc. depending on how a particular piece of comedy tickles an individual's funny bone. So generalizing a joke is not technically correct because there are jokes which some people enjoy while some people might not. There are jokes some people might consider as "cheap" and "distasteful" but on the other hand there might be people who loved that particular piece of joke.

"Generalizing a particular joke as a collective response, is kind of a joke in itself."

A lot of people had a variety of opinions over the whole controversy. Some found it aggressively demeaning, some found it demeaning but not in an aggressive manner, some found it funny and demeaning, some found it funny but wanted him to apologize (not necessarily but it won't harm him either), some found it hilarious like anything and didn't want him to even apologize.

There were some who didn't even care about the news, but they are always there irrespective of the headlines.

So we can surely conclude that comedy/jokes are of individual sense and cannot be categorized as a collective opinion.

I heard a stand-up comedian once saying, "We come on stage. We crack jokes. The audience is the spontaneous judge. If we make a good joke they laugh, if we make a distasteful joke they don't even react leading to a backfire for us."

So, I see this whole news to be based on that statement except the joke being made on snapchat as a video (which gets deleted within 24 hours itself) and the response coming out from different parts of India/World as the audience. But in no way, giving death threats and taking the onus of defending the Indian culture over this video(which has been called as a "threat" to Indian culture) is justified.

With two days post the controversy, our very favourite Amul, famous for its creative campaign posted earlier something on twitter which makes me call Amul, "The King of Puns"

Amul.coop on Twitter

"Joke se Jokhim tak" giving that lingo pun to it, how a joke evolved to become a threat to the 27 years old stand up comedian.

"FIR se khao" makes me want to applaud them on the way they have used the word "FIR" (which also means First Information Report) "se khao" if said in a running manner sounds like "sikhao" which means "to teach", kind of gives a message to the people to lodge FIRs in case they feel something is so offensive rather than taking the law in their own hands.

Amul's marketing campaign team has always proved it's mettle in the creative aspect of approaching the masses and this one might actually make you take time for figuring out the message implied in this pictographic piece.

Controlling disagreement over every thing is surely not a wise and peaceful decision.

I guess people should relax on the differences of perceptions developed because of various reasons.
Rather than losing cool over a snapstory; ignoring it and moving pass through it, is surely helpful. ALWAYS.
I say this because there are so many things out there which you might not like, which you might take in a demeaning sense, which might offend you, but giving a worse reaction surely pulls you down below the concerned level already.

"Respecting differences is always an open minded person's trait."