BBC to make a 'Muslim Big Brother' reality show soon

'To show what they eat and how they pray'

BBC to make a

BBC team are in a move to make  a brand new reality TV show and it’s been compared to Big Brother.As hundreds of television viewers have made efforts to make official complaints about Marco Pierre White Jr’s filthy behaviour on the Channel 5 series, over at the Beeb they are looking for a way to emulate the craziness.

"[It is] a conscious decision to reflect pluralism within Muslim communities," said Kieran Smith, who works for the company behind Bake Off, Love Productions.

"They will live together and create what I guess is a halal environment. The challenge for them is how they negotiate with one another and how they live with one another.

"What are they eating, where are they praying, how are they praying? All of those conversations will be part of the series."

News started to spread about this and there are serious discussions happening

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