Best home remedies for weight loss

However, resorting to extreme fat loss programs by starving or eating only specific foods should be absolutely avoided since they, not only hamper weight loss but also cause deficiencies of vitamins and minerals in the body leading to weakness and ill-health.

Best home remedies for weight loss

1.  Start your day correctly: Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water which has been known to correct metabolism and cleanse the system which is a necessary step in weight loss.

2.  Keep your Body well hydrated: To induce a healthy weight loss in the body it should be maintained with adequate amount of water since water helps in curbing false hunger pangs.

3.  Be a conscious eater: One should keep a log of what one eats and how much of it, in order to curb excess calorie intake.

4.  Avoid high calorie foods: High calorie foods like deep fried foods are a complete no-no. When one wishes to lose weight, intake of foods high in oil content should be avoided.

5. Give a chance to fresh fruits: To satisfy frequent hunger pangs, one should take the support of fresh fruits and vegetables. If one cannot have a fruit directly, then it can be had in the form of
fruit juices
to effect fat loss.

6. Start an exercise regime: Does not matter how difficult it might seem to, reserve time for exercise. Start a feasible and enjoyable work-out routine and stick to it.

7. Swimming works for initiating weight loss: When other tricks fail, swimming anchors the weight loss process.

8.  Aerobic exercises help burn calories:
Walking, jogging and dance are perfect examples of aerobic exercises. Apart from these, playing games like badminton, table tennis etc can help.

9.  Yoga : weight loss journey: Regular practice of yoga helps to start the weight loss journey and maintain good health for longevity.

10.  Avoid situations which lead to over eating:
Women tend to stuff in food for weird reasons like if not eaten it will be wasted or even because some people might get offended.

11.  Consciously refrain from casual munching:
Refrain from munching sugary and salty snacks while watching TV since it can affect adversely on the weight.

12.  Shop wisely: While shopping, ensure buying healthy snacks and fresh fruits

13.  Consume lean protein for dinner:
Eat foods which are high in protein content for dinner since they makes one feel full and helps to lose weight, as well.

14. Go for an early dinner: Eating an early dinner helps in digestion and avoids piling bulk calories.

15. Buttermilk can make you feel full: Try and consume buttermilk as an accompaniment with meals, it helps in losing weight.

16. Cook Innovatively: Steaming and roasting foods retain the nutritional value of food and help in minimizing calories.

17. Simple changes go along way: Using stairs instead of lift and walking small distances to do house hold chores can help in losing weight.

18. Eat a good breakfast: Breakfast is an essential meal of the day and do not skip it.

19. Choose light dishes when dining out: When dining out choose tangy salads over fried starters and the same goes for the main course. Skip the dessert if possible.

20. Avoid beverages with high sugar content
While downing those colourful and flavoured beverages check its sugar content as sugar is one of the factors for putting on weight.

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