Bilateral talks between PM Modi, US President Obama

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is holding talks with President Barack Obama

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is holding talks with President Barack Obama. Mr. Modi reached White House a shortwhile ago. President Obama will also host lunch for PM Modi at the White House after which the Prime Minister will attend a meeting of US business leaders and address the US-India Business Council.

The US state department has earlier said, PM Modi’s bilateral meeting with President Barack Obama will focus on climate change, security and diplomatic cooperation. As the leaders of the two largest democracies meet in the White House, deepening of the US-India relationship in key areas will be the highlight.

Vice President Joe Biden will also attend the meeting. After an hour-long meeting, the two leaders will address the press. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest has earlier said the economic relationship between the two countries is an important one and it is a relationship that benefits citizens of both the countries.

Mr Earnest, also anticipated a discussion of some economic issues, however, he did not divulge on the possible outcome of the meeting. The two leaders have a public warmth, which is likely to be on full display today during their seventh meeting. Rightly Mr Modi in an interview to the Wall Street Journal earlier admitted that he and Obama have a special friendship, a special wavelength and each invested in developing a close relationship.

Later, the US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter will call on Mr. Modi. Tomorrow Prime minister will address a joint session of the US Congress. Since 2014, there have been six meetings and several phone calls between the two leaders.