BJP's Nehru bashing continues, now Amit Shah plays up Deen Dayal Upadhyay against him

While Nehru imported foreign ideas it was Upadhyay who tried to protect Indian values. In fact he started Bharatiya Jan Sangh for that claims the BJP chief


The RSS and the right wing Hindu brigade has been running a slanderous campaign against Jawaharlal Nehru for some years now....

The BJP has now taken the campaign to another level.

Amit Shah, the president of the ruling party has now trained his guns on India's first prime minister blaming him for discarding old traditions and bringing in 'imported ideas'.

Pitting Deedayal Upadhyay against Nehru, Shah said ""Jawaharlal Nehru's idea of nation building was based on discarding the old values and traditions and importing foreign ideas, however, Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya was a believer of preserving the same old traditions and values, which paved the way for foundation of Bhartiya Jan Sangh and later BJP."

Shah's attack on Nehru  and his contributions came at the release function of  Upadhyay's biography in Pune. He also said there were lot of people belonging to various ideologies who fought for India's freedom, but the entire credit, according to him, was appropriated  by the Congress party, which has the ruled the country for most part of its existence.

Congress and other secular thinkers have been pointing to the fact that RSS and its affiliates did not have any role in India's fight for independence. RSS or BJP leaders did not respond to these charge so far. By claiming that Congress unduly got all the credit for India's independence Amit Shah was trying respond to this criticism. But he did not care to explain which were the other streams of ideology that fought for independence.

Shah said the Jan Sangh, the precursor of BJP was started as part of plan to build the nation on the basis of Indian values and traditions, which Nehru was trying to discard.

"Later the Jan Sangh transformed into BJP, which has now become the largest party of the country and has been following the same path shown by Upadhyaya," the BJP chief said.

Congress responded saying that BJP can never comprehend  the contributions of Nehru. The party dismissed it as a ploy to grab headlines. "Amit Shah and his party will never be able to comprehend what Jawaharlal Nehru has done for India," spokesperson Tom Vadakkan said.