Body of 2 year-old found which was snatched by alligator at Orlando Disney Resort

A boy was attacked by an alligator in the Disney resorts located in Orlando, Florida. It is said that the boy was was splashing in the shallow waters of a lagoon when this alligator pranced onto the boy and locked the boy in its jaws and dragged the body in the lagoon. It was nearly after 16 hours that the body of the toddler was retrieved.

A 2 year-old boy, Lane Graves happened to involve in a highly unfortunate event when he got attacked by an alligator and couldn’t make it alive.

Lane Graves’ family was doing a regular family thing by visiting one of Disney’s resorts located in Orlando, Florida. When the family was hanging out by the beach at a Disney resort, things went very sad and unfortunate for the family as they lost their 2 year-old boy to an alligator.

Lane Graves was splashing water in the shallow waters of the lagoon when this alligator comes out and braces the body of the kid in its jaws. The toddler’s father, Matt Graves tried fighting the alligator but sadly couldn’t save his child from the ferociousness and killer instincts of the alligator.

The alligator made off with the boy’s body and there was no sign of his body in the vast expanse of the water body. It was after 16 hours, due to rigorous search that the toddler’s body was found 6 ft below the surface which was just at a distance of 10-15 ft from the point he was last seen.

The body on being retrieved was wrapped in a white sheet on a marine patrol boat and was sent to the medical examiner for a post mortem examination for more details about the incident.

“The family was distraught but also, I believe, relieved that we were able to find their son, who noted that there was no question in his mind that “the child was drowned by the alligator.”, said the Sheriff.

Lane’s family is devastated about the whole incident and at the same time are relieved that they found Lane’s body.
They tried to fight and win back Lane from the alligator but sadly couldn’t do anything about it.

Well, this incident surely should make the Disney resorts to upgrade the safety measures within the premises and should patrol the water area to ensure the safety of the people there so as to prevent this kind of tragedy in future.

It is beyond imagination how the father must have felt losing his child in front of his own eyes and he couldn’t do anything about it.