Bollywood music to be used to counter ISIS terrorists

UK troops are now playing Bollywood music as a weapon against ISIS terrorists, using it as psychological warfare.

Bollywood music to be used to counter ISIS terrorists

Latest reports suggest that UK defense forces in Libya are now using Bollywood music as a weapon against the tyrannical ISIS terrorists after inputs from a Pakistan-born intelligence officer. The British forces are blasting Bollywood music on high volume to freak out ISIS with an aim to implement psychological warfare strategy to discredit the extremists who claim the music is “apostasy” or un-Islamic.

The ISIS has imposed Sharia law inside Sirte and banned all things western. ISIS view music as blasphemy against Islam and SAS and American special forces are now using music from popular Bollywood movies to play mind games. There are dozens of special force teams in Libya training local forces in how to push out ISIS, but they are there in a non-combat role. Unless attacked first, they are not authorized to take action against ISIS.

Reports also suggested that the UK and the US special forces combined in these efforts as they left two cars on outskirts of Sirte and at dawn, they played Bollywood music through two huge speakers in the automobile triggered using remote control. Also, the Joint Special Operations Command intercepted ISIS communications and played Bollywood music on their frequency.

Sirte was the home town of now dead dictator Muammar Gaddafi. ISIS seized Sirte in June last year and turned it into a recruitment and training camp. There have been fears in the West that the jihadists could use Sirte's port and airport to attack Europe.

The psychological attacks are said to help discredit the ISIS and show that there is defiance and contempt against the terrorists. The special forces will also be studying and assessing details about their strengths and weaknesses from the response of ISIS to their psychological attacks.

Libyan government troops captured two coastal towns from ISIS in an advance towards its bastion Sirte on Tuesday.