British national arrested for attempting to 'kill' Trump

Micheal Stevan Sandfod was arrested after he tried to snatch gun from a police officer and to commit an act of violence against Donald Trump

British national arrested for attempting to

A British man, named Michael Stevan Sandford has has been detained for  attempting to seize a police officer’s gun to commit an act of violence  at a Las Vegas rally of Donald Trump

He  was arrested at the Saturday rally after grabbing at the holster and handle of a gun at the hip of a police officer. .

The federal magistrate denied bail observing that Sandford was a danger to the community and a risk of non appearance

The complaint, which was filed on Monday in the US district court  says Sandford “knowingly attempted to engage in an act of physical violence against Donald J Trump ... by attempting to seize a firearm from Las Vegas Metropolitan Department Officer”.

Sandford reportedly told his US agent that he came to Las Vegas to kill Donald Trump reports the guardian.

According to the complaint filed in the magistrate court Sandford had gone to gun range in order to learn how to shoot.

According to reports Sanford has been living in US for more than one year and he had according to complaint filed he has been attempting to kill Trump.

British officials said they are providing assistance following the arrest of the UK national in US.